Autumn in the High Desert

With all the recent rain, we are having a gorgeous, flower-filled autumn. The aspens haven’t turned yet, but that will happen soon, and the cottonwoods still have several weeks to go. I’ve been painting from memory some of my favorite cottonwood groves, because those bright cadmium yellows and golds are irresistible.

Cottonwood Color In The Valley  sm

As a child I used to ride horses along the Rio Grande and just loved the canopy of cottonwood trees that¬†showered gold on us as we rode beneath them….

I also get inspired by the wildlife that shows itself in the autumn sun, before the temperature changes and they hide away in the forest and arroyos. This little doe visited several times last week, so I snapped photos when I could and painted her…deer2

She didn’t go for the asters as much as she went for our other plants and flowers in a fenced area…and loved drinking out of the bird bath.

I chose morning light for the painting, and of course enhanced the color, as is my want!

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