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Barbara Meikle Fine Art
236 Delgado Street Santa Fe, NM 87501

May 2020


May 2020


Horses and Painting at Starrynight Ranch, Llaves, NM 

$1125 - includes lodging, food, and painting instruction with Barb



Friday, 7:30am - Meet in Santa Fe at Barbara Meikle Fine Art (236 Delgado St) to drive up to Abiquiu area, about an hour. We’d set up and paint the Chama River from the overlook, then have lunch at Bode’s, a great little store/gas place with good food. It’s another hour drive to the ranch. We can settle in and explore, maybe ride, do a late afternoon/evening painting of landscape and light…


Saturday - In the morning we paint horses in the landscape, followed by lunch/ride or explore/paint again in the afternoon light…


Sunday - We’d drive over to a pond with a chapel, paint and have lunch there, we may have cattle or horses for models as well, stay for afternoon light or go for ride/explore, depending on the consensus…

Sunday evening we can view the work and discuss. I love looking at a collection of work done over a few days, with everyone’s variety of focus and viewpoints…


Monday it’s breakfast and so long down the trail!


Materials List

I work in oils, and these are the colors I use constantly - Any brand you love (I use Gamblin, Lukas, Williamsburg):

  • Gamblin Portland Grey light, medium and dark—I started using these three as “underpainting” of light and shadows on my plein air pieces and it makes it so much easier
  • Titanium/Zinc white, also a warm white
  • Ultramarine blue deep
  • Cyan or cerulean blue hue
  • Cadmium orange
  • Cadmium red light
  • Any deep red – cadmium deep or carmine
  • Cadmium yellow deep
  • Lemon yellow
  • Cobalt teal or a turquoise
  • Transparent Red earth or burnt sienna
  • Persian Rose and/or quinacridone red (a pink red)
  • Deep violet
  • Gold ochre or raw sienna
  • Coral 

I currently love the Williamsburg paint colors:

  • Persian rose
  • Sevres Blue
  • Courbet Green
  • Italian Lemon Ochre
  • Italian Red Ochre
  • Monserrat Orange

I will bring some of my “extra” crazy lovely colors as well, they change with the seasons and my mood, and share with you, most are Charvin from France.

Bring panels to paint on - any size you feel comfortable with that you - as well as a box for transporting wet panels.

I’ll bring a big jug of Gamsol so don’t bring turp, but bring your usual turp container with lid, brushes, palette knives. I’ll also have lots of baby wipes and old t-shirts as we’ll be painting wet-on-wet. 

I started using 2 palettes in the field , one for darks and one for lights as I am very messy and need to keep it clean, so 2 Stay-wet palettes with palette paper is what I use, they have a 9x12” with snap on lid that’s great. Or you can use one palette if you are neat!

I use a French easel, bring whatever you like…also definitely a hat, sunscreen, long pants to paint in and any other protection you need….can get chilly so layers are recommended 


Questions (to help me tailor and direct demos and instruction):

Are you painting outdoors frequently? 

Do you want to focus on the landscape, horses, or combination of both?

Will you want to ride, and if so, are you beginner,intermediate,advanced?

Also ask me (Barb) any questions, too! 


Barbara's Annual One-Woman Show and the Gallery's Anniversary

Opening Reception Friday, May 22, 5 - 8pm 

We're still making it! Barbara will have new paintings and new sculpture for her one-woman show, with all the vibrant color, energy of brushstroke, and cherished subject matter that you know so well. Always a surprise or two up her sleeve, we'll have to wait and see what Barb will be delivering to the gallery. Catch a sneak peak of all her new works on her facebook.  


Sculpture Month on Canyon Road

Canyon Road Sculpture and Garden Tour - Saturday, May 23 through Sunday, May 24

For the first year, May is Sculpture Month on Canyon Road, culminating in a sculpture and garden tour on Canyon Road. Barbara will release a new, limited-edition bronze, perfect to bring a little crazy donkey and horse spirit to your home.